Brice Teinturier: “France is in a very volatile situation”

Brice Teinturier: “France is in a very volatile situation”

Challenges- Social conflicts are rising in several sectors, with calls for a renewable strike. Are we on the verge of a social explosion like that of the “yellow vests”?

Brice Teinturier – Nobody really knows. What is clear is that dissatisfaction and anger in the country are at an extraordinarily high level. In our latest French Fractures survey*, 36% of the French say they belong to “an angry and very rebellious France”, ie up 6 points in one year. This sentiment is reinforced in the popular categories (45% among blue-collar workers), the under-35s and among voters in the National Rallye (59%) and France insoumise (49%). The situation is very eruptive, especially among those who are used to mobilizing.

Can the issue of inflation trigger this social explosion?


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