Broadband: the Paris-Saclay agglomeration files a complaint, a first in France

Broadband: the Paris-Saclay agglomeration files a complaint, a first in France

Internet cuts, failed connections, degradations… In order to finally put an end to the serious malfunctions of the network on its territory, Grégoire de Lasteyrie, 37, has chosen the legal route. The president of the urban community of Paris-Saclay, mayor of Palaiseau, filed a complaint against the telephone operators, a first in France. “I chose this path because the others had failed,” he explains. Passionate about innovation, this HEC graduate could no longer bear the inertia of his interlocutors. “At the third meeting with the various stakeholders, the situation had not changed one iota”, fulminates the elected official, close to Edouard Philippe and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, his “two mentors”.

All players in the complex fiber connection chain passed the buck. In the eastern part of the Paris-Saclay agglomeration, only a third of connectable households have fiber and the connections fail in half of the cases. Human disasters can result from this: “A resident of Saclay lost his job because he could not telecommute, says Grégoire de Lasteyrie. The bracelet supposed to warn the relatives of an elderly lady in case of discomfort no longer works…”


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