Bruno Le Maire: “The pension reform will bring more wealth and more jobs”

Bruno Le Maire: “The pension reform will bring more wealth and more jobs”

Challenges – Is France the most protective country in Europe in the face of inflation, as Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne says?

Bruno Le Maire. Absolutely. We have anticipated our protective measures. Result: The inflation rate in France is the lowest in the euro zone. These measures are also massive: in 2021 and 2022, spending to protect our compatriots from inflation will account for 2.4% of national wealth. Other European countries spent just as much. But the French singularity is said to have anticipated the decisions. From autumn 2021 we introduced tariff protection for gas and electricity with one goal: to curb inflation as much as possible. Yes, today the French are best protected.

Why freeze prices instead of paying households subsidies to offset their increases?

Protecting costs less than repairing. If we had let the French bills go by, we would face major social difficulties that would put even more strain on public finances. Look what’s happening in the UK. As with Covid, we have anticipated decisions to protect businesses and households whose purchasing power has been preserved despite this high level of inflation.

My doctrine on the role of the state has never changed.”

Many criticize undifferentiated aid in the face of inflation, like the discount at the pump, from which even the richest benefit

All French are protected. All ! Can this policy last forever? No, definitely not. Devices must be controlled in a more targeted manner. We could do that with fuels. We have provided general and massive aid, which will gradually end until December 31st. If fuel prices were to rise very sharply again, we would deploy a device aimed at our compatriots who are forced to drive to work.

Has this massive government spending on the economy changed your beliefs as a liberal?


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