Bulgarian MEP calls for ban on extraditions to Russia

Bulgarian MEP calls for ban on extraditions to Russia

Bulgarian MEP Radan Kanev (EPP) on Wednesday (17 August) called on the European Commission to issue a clear recommendation to EU member states to end all extradition proceedings against Russian citizens from EU to Russia.

This measure aims to prevent the extradition of Alexei Alchin, a Russian national who burned his passport in Bulgaria in protest against the war in Ukraine. He risks being extradited to his country of origin following the decision of a Bulgarian court.

“All human rights guarantees provided by the Russian Federation are nothing more than empty statements, and any Russian citizen who engages in openly anti-war and oppositional activities risks not only torture, humiliation and inhuman treatment, but is even threatened with an effective death sentence, even if it is not officially pronounced”wrote Mr. Kanev in a letter to the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola.

The MEP asked the Commission to issue a clear recommendation to all Member States to suspend all ongoing and future extradition proceedings for Russian citizens, especially in cases where these citizens oppose the Kremlin regime.

The initiative is currently collecting signatures among MEPs.

Russia has requested Mr. Alchin’s extradition to his country as part of a tax evasion investigation. Mr. Alchin and his wife, Olga Gyurova, are convinced that the Russian request is based on political motives.

Website OFFNews quoted a Justice Department letter to the prosecutor’s office, which said documents relating to Mr. Alchin’s extradition were brought ” personally by hand » by an employee of the Russian Embassy.

Citizens staged a protest outside the courthouse on Tuesday against the extradition decision. They held up posters that read: “This is not Moscow”, “Free Alchin” et “Freedom for Alexei Alchin! Shame on you — judges, prosecutors, servants of the Kremlin”.

Separately, members of the public and journalists have sent an open letter to President Rumen Radev, in which they warn that the extradition of Mr. Alchin“will deal a serious blow to the authority of Bulgaria within the democratic world. »

Extradition of Gülen supporter sparks outrage in Bulgaria

Bulgarian NGOs and journalists, as well as one of the minority parties in Boyko Borissov’s government coalition, have expressed dismay over the extradition of a supporter of Fetullah Gülen, the priest exiled to the United States that Ankara accused of being the instigator of the July 15 putsch.

Reference: www.euractiv.fr

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