Businesses, individuals: the big gap in new car prices

Businesses, individuals: the big gap in new car prices

Vehicle sales to companies “save the auto market”. It is indeed an excellent deal for the manufacturers, because “the average transaction price is 30-35,000 euros per car in France“, explains Franck Fontanesi, director of the economy and statistics of the Fiev, the Federation of automotive suppliers. That’s a lot and it corresponds to the price level of a Peugeot 3008 gasoline or diesel SUV, for example.

It is almost 10,000 euros more than the “average selling price of the tricolor market at 22,000 euros”. Among private customers, we are more around 17-18,000 euros for a new car, the price of a basic Renault Clio or a moderately equipped Dacia Jogger! A considerable difference which makes the French car market diverge considerably depending on whether you pay for your car or… not. The gap is even more obvious in reality. Because individuals buy a lot of used vehicles (6 million transactions last year, 3.6 times more than for the new market)! Not the companies.


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