California bans polluting cars: why the industry is shuddering

California bans polluting cars: why the industry is shuddering

In matters of ecology, a form of one-upmanship characterizes political decisions. After the mayors of major European cities who competed in audacity in their desire to ban polluting vehicles, it was the turn of the States themselves to engage in a competition to find out which would be the first to ban the sale of motorized vehicles. thermals. Sometimes even exposing oneself to the skepticism and incredulity of auto and energy experts, who doubt that such a tight schedule is compatible with industrial realities.

In 2020, car manufacturers were far from giving in to panic when the British government decided to set 2030 as the deadline for registering the last petrol or diesel vehicle on its territory. Only ten years to switch the entirety of this vast market to electric traction? No one wanted to believe it.

At the forefront of the fight against air pollution, California extends its influence to all the USA

Two years later, the reaction to California’s decision is diametrically opposed. The industry takes very seriously its decision to ban the sale of new thermal vehicles from 2035. Because if the British registered almost as many vehicles as Californians in 2021 (1.65 million against 1.85 million), their regulations and their political decisions have never had the same impact on their neighbors as those in California.


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