Canceled flights will be refundable… but not those of this summer

Canceled flights will be refundable… but not those of this summer

A regulatory change will soon make it easier to reimburse canceled or delayed flights, but the hundreds of travelers who have been victims of the chaos at airports will not have access to it.

From September 8, compensation may be awarded to any traveler for various inconveniences, including for flight delays and cancellations and other incidents that may be beyond the control of an air carrier, the Federal Ministry of Transport announced in a statement released Wednesday.

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has updated its Air Passenger Protection Regulations. This change will only apply to flights operated after September 8. Travelers who have experienced a flight cancellation in previous months will therefore not be eligible.

No traveler should have to sleep on the floor of an airport or feel unsafe from a delayed or canceled flight. This is unacceptable.

Transports Canada

For a delay of three hours or more or a cancellation for reasons beyond the airline’s control, the airline will be required to provide the passenger with a reservation for the next available flight, departing within 48 hours of the departure time. departure indicated on the passenger’s original ticket.

In the event that she cannot provide it, the passenger can ask her for a refund, or a free travel arrangement.

Many injured customers

This announcement comes at a time when disruptions at airports made the news in late June and early July. Many people have been affected by the cancellation of their flight or the loss of their luggage.

This can be seen as the victory of consumer groups, who were calling for tougher reimbursement regulations. Last June, Option Consommateurs stated that “the reimbursement programs offered by these carriers [étaient] far from being a panacea.

“Only travel credits are refunded. Passengers who had refused these credits were informed that they were not eligible for a refund because they did not have a travel credit. With the new regulation, airlines will no longer be able to systematically use this form of reimbursement.

Contacted by Subwaythe Consumer Protection Office recalls that “the idea of ​​doing business with a travel agent is more relevant than ever”.

Passenger rights must be respected and protected, and we expect airlines, including Air Canada, to meet their reimbursement responsibilities.

Canadian Transportation Agency

“In certain situations, it could be reimbursed and compensated by the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents. In addition, the travel agent has a duty to provide information. He is required to contact his customers in advance in the event of cancellation or change to the flight schedule. He is also required to assist him, ”explains the OPC.

To understand your rights, the Canadian Transportation Agency has published a guide on its website.

Improvement in August

In a press release, the office of the Ministry of Transport points out that the situation in Canadian airports has improved since mid-July. During the week of 1is as of August 7, 97% of scheduled flights at Canada‘s four major airports have not been cancelled. This figure rose to 88% during the same period in July.

Over the same period, 85% of flights departing from these airports left less than an hour late. This is an improvement from less than 75% for the first week of July, the ministry notes.

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