Case Bayou: EELV Management Reaffirms Confidence in Internal Unit

Case Bayou: EELV Management Reaffirms Confidence in Internal Unit

Europe ecology The Greens, who are meeting their Bundesrat – the party’s parliament – this weekend as planned, had gathered their executive board and internal unit this morning after an article in Libération revealed on Friday that Julien Bayou had resigned following allegations suffered psychological violence against an ex-companion, was monitored by feminist party activists.

“The information published in Libé confirms the need to think about the best way to treat this particular case,” an EELV manager told AFP. According to another source, it is “normal that the information in this article is taken into account and treated politically”.

At the end of this meeting, the Executive Bureau renewed its “trust” in the internal cell, whose work was criticized by Julien Bayou’s lawyer and by several external political leaders who denounced “private justice”.

Deputy National Secretary Jérémie Crépel, temporarily replacing Julien Bayou with Léa Balage, expressed “our pride in hearing the voices of victims and taking a serious look at gender-based and sexual violence when others choose to ignore it.”

He emphasized that “the possible need to outsource all or part of the investigation was on the table”, but hailed the self-sacrifice “of the members of this cell, “our movement’s disciplinary body responsible for proposing internal sanctions”. .

He also confirmed that an audit planned well ahead of the case “by an independent outside body” is “being carried out”.

The ordinary agenda of the Federal Council decides on the calendar of the next congress. This is scheduled to take place in December unless an internal referendum, which ends at 6 p.m. on Saturday and aims to postpone it, receives enough votes.

– “what she can do” –

Marie Dosé, lawyer for Julien Bayou, former secretary general of EELV, accused by his party of “psychological violence” against women, September 26, 2002 (AFP – Thomas SAMSON)

Since Julien Bayou’s resignation on Monday, the party has been in turmoil to defend itself against the allegations he faces and denies, without a lawsuit or judicial inquiry.

The Liberation article highlighted the uneasiness, revealing that Julien Bayou had lived for three years under the pressure of an informal feminist collective that reproached him for his behavior and investigated his relationships with women.

In a press release, EELV clarified that “all persons with a connection to Julien Bayou have withdrawn from the file” as directed by the internal cell. Liberation indicates that one of the members of this cell is part of the informal group targeting Julien Bayou’s private life.

The cell “did not see any need to suspend Julien Bayou on a conservatoire basis and is continuing its work and these hearings,” the text adds.

“The cell does what it can. We are dealing with issues for which there are no nomenclatures or established procedures,” but “we cannot reduce a victorious struggle strategy to individual initiatives, sometimes roughly,” a party executive told AFP in the morning.

The cell had seized itself from an investigation into Julien Bayou in July following an email from his ex-companion, whom he split from in November 2021.

The case took a new turn last week when MP Sandrine Rousseau accused him in front of a TV of “behaviour that could harm women’s moral health” and said he had “long” had Julien’s ex-companion receive bayou.

The environmental group’s office in the National Assembly then suspended Julien Bayou from his duties as the group’s co-president.

This decision was made “to give the listening cell peace, but it appears as a sanction (…) and this sanction is not normal,” criticized the ex-candidate in the 2022 presidential election on Friday, MEP Yannick Jadot nevertheless had it himself demanded the resignation of the party leadership.

Responding to the Liberation article, former environmental candidate Eva Joly tweeted: “The end does not justify the means. These out-of-frame actions serve the cause they are meant to advance and are “dangerous to the very people we purport to protect”.


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