China: a manhunt launched after a shooting that left three dead

China: a manhunt launched after a shooting that left three dead

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Chinese police have pledged 15,000 for the capture of a fugitive after a shooting that left three people dead. It would have intervened in the south-west of the country about 1,600km from Beijing. Due to important security arrangements, this type of event remains quite rare in China.

Police launched a manhunt in China and promised nearly 15,000 euros on Thursday for the capture of a fugitive, after the death of three people in a gun attack. This type of violence is rare in China due to the prohibition of ordinary citizens to possess firearms and an imposing security network intended to maintain public order.

The shooting occurred Tuesday in the southwest of the country. An individual “wounded two people with a firearm and killed three” others, said a statement from Muchuan Public Security. This county is attached to Leshan, a locality in the province of Sichuan (southwest), located some 1,600 km from Beijing.

The suspect is said to be a recently decorated former police officer.

The suspect, identified as Li Qiang, is 36 years old. The police are offering 100,000 yuan (14,500 euros) for his capture. According to publications, consulted by AFP, it seems that the man in question is a policeman. He had been decorated last year for acts of bravery, after twice saving people from drowning.

A Public Safety article — since deleted from its website — praised his “heroism” and listed his full identity. Contacted for details, the Muchuan police said they were “unaware” and could not confirm whether the suspect was still on duty at the time of the act.


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