Chinese cars arrive in Europe and at the Paris Motor Show

Chinese cars arrive in Europe and at the Paris Motor Show

The demise, programmed by the European Diesel Union, will have brought down one of the continent’s greatest automotive specialties. On the other hand, Brussels is the delight of Chinese manufacturers. With the accelerated electrification of vehicles, which will be mandatory for the sale of new models from 2035, the EU is opening the doors wide for them. And delighted at the stroke of luck, they rush into the breach.

For example, the Chinese company BYD (Build your Dreams) confirmed this weekend of August 27th and 28th that it will present three new electric vehicles for the European market by the end of the year: two large vehicles with a rather long range and one compact. The giant, world number one in electronics ahead of Tesla with almost 650,000 global sales in the first half of the year, will also be present at the next Paris Motor Show, which will take place from October 18 to 23, confirms Serge Gachot, director of the show.

ORA (Great Wall) is also present in the French capital with an electric compact car specially designed for Europe. Other companies from the former Middle Kingdom should announce their appearance at the World Cup in early September.

Non-Chinese conspicuously absent


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