Citroën C5 Aircross: still attractive the French SUV minivan

Citroën C5 Aircross: still attractive the French SUV minivan

We no longer present the cousin of the Peugeot 3008-5008, Opel Grandland X, DS7 Crossback, which has been pursuing its career as a family SUV minivan since 2018 (in Europe). A vehicle with plump lines rather personal. The smooth body, contrasting with the aggressiveness of competing SUVs, ages well. The C5 Aircross isn’t a seducer like the 3008. But its family side, which brings it closer to minivans, still makes it likeable. Now the company with the rafters decides to offer him a redesign of the front! To bring it closer to that of the last C4 or C5X. More succinct, more slanted, this arc… suddenly blends less well with the rest of the bodywork, which has remained as it is. As a result, the “new” C5 Aircross loses some of its aesthetic homogeneity. However, the result remains correct. And in terms of practicality, space on board and comfort, the Citroën remains a champion.

The C5 Aircross didn’t have the success of the 3008. It still ranks 18th among the best-selling models in France (over eight months), while its Peugeot cousin is eighth. It’s still the second best selling compact SUV in France (if we exclude the budget Dacia Duster). He is ahead of the Volkswagen T-Roc (20th) and the Hyundai Tucson (21st), but also the Peugeot 5008 (26th). Not that bad.

What a car box, truly remarkable!

We decided to take it in hand again, with the small 130hp 1.2 Pure Tech petrol engine, the well-known three-cylinder engine found in all small cars from the former PSA. Essentially we no longer have a choice as the 1.6 has been dropped from the list, at least in France. This mini-mechanic surprises with its readiness, mid-range breath. Thanks to the impressive automatic box of Japanese origin Aisin, the engine is quite livable in everyday life, even on the highway or mountainous road. The gear compensates for its roughness. And, which is rare, it also looks well staged and makes optimal use of its resources.

In Sport mode, the car becomes more responsive. Granted, the box is sometimes reluctant to downshift enough. However, the pallets make it possible to overcome this deficiency. But be careful: the car returns to automatic mode too quickly. It remains a 100% manual mode, which is reasonable provided you can find the little ergonomic M button at the base of the shifter and immediately return to the steering wheel to use the paddles.

Enjoyment and consumption disappoint


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