Citroën Oli: the minimalist, light and affordable compact SUV

Citroën Oli: the minimalist, light and affordable compact SUV

“An affordable electric vehicle for the family, under 25,000 euros.” This is how Vincent Cobée, Director of Citroën, sums up the Oli concept (pronounced All-E for electric) unveiled this Thursday, September 29th. But this prototype square machine, 4.20 meters long (little more than a small C3 Aircross SUV), long-legged (1.65) with the false air of a rough-hewn 4×4, is not. It opens a new vision of economical, functional, modular, lightweight and easy-to-manufacture cars made from recycled materials! Simple concept? As it is, yes! But “50 to 70% of the ideas for this vehicle could be put on the road within three to five years”, concluded Vincent Cobée in a pre-presentation to some journalists at the DNA technical center in Vélizy (Yvelines).

Bizarre as one wishes, this Oli has a shape…perfectly geometric. You had to trust yourself. “All key elements of Olis design are horizontal or vertical. We wanted to experiment with that,” says the brand’s design director, Pierre Leclercq. The windshield itself is vertical like an old jeep. Commit to simplicity and minimalism. The reason? The smaller the windshield, the cheaper it is to manufacture or replace, and the more it reduces occupants’ exposure to the sun and therefore the need for air conditioning! According to the brand, this would reduce battery consumption by 17%. Modeled after the Ami micro-electric, the front doors are otherwise identical on either side, albeit mounted differently. The reduction in complexity allows for a 20% weight saving per door compared to a standard family model today, according to the Stellantis Group brand. Oli’s doors have half as many components.

Recycled Materials


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