Clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan: Paris will occupy the UN Security Council

Clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan: Paris will occupy the UN Security Council

France will occupy the UN Security Council after fresh clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan that have left at least 49 Armenian soldiers dead, the Elysee announced on Tuesday.

France will bring the situation before the United Nations Security Council, of which it currently holds the presidency,” said the Elysee after a telephone conversation between French President Emmanuel Macron and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian on Monday night.

Macron calls for “respect for Armenia’s territorial integrity”

President Macron “continues to call for strict observance of the ceasefire and respect for Armenia’s territorial integrity,” added the French Presidency. He “stands available” to discuss with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and “to be available to the parties”. that all issues related to and arising out of this conflict will be resolved solely through negotiations”.

Russia, which claims the role of arbiter in the Caucasus, said it had negotiated a ceasefire agreement that has been in effect since 6 a.m. and was not confirmed by either Baku or Yerevan at the time. Armenia and Azerbaijan, two rival ex-Soviet republics in the Caucasus, have clashed in two wars over the past three decades for control of the Nagorno-Karabakh region, the last of which in 2020.

A decrease in bombing throughout the day on Tuesday

The fresh fighting that erupted overnight is the deadliest since the 2020 war. It comes as Moscow, which sent a peacekeeping force to the region after the last war, has its hands full with its difficult military offensive in Ukraine .

On Tuesday early afternoon, Yerevan reported a drop in bombing attacks despite a still “tense” situation. At the same time, Azerbaijan claimed to have “fulfilled all its objectives” on the border with Armenia. Baku believes that “responsibility for the escalation lies entirely with the Armenian political leadership”.


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