Climate: visit to an amazing data center cooled by water evaporation

Climate: visit to an amazing data center cooled by water evaporation

While the effects of global warming are being dramatically felt, with the violent fires affecting France, and Russia threatening to cut off its gas exports, reducing our energy consumption is an emergency and a necessity. Data centers, these huge digital data factories, are on the front line. Here, at the DC5 of Scaleway in Saint-Ouen l’Aumône (Val-d’Oise), the center is less greedy than the average.

A huge enclosure bristling with barbed wire, a gate where you get checked more than twice, a welcome that requires ID and fingerprints. In this industrial area, this former postal sorting center which stretches over hundreds of meters is protected like Fort Knox. Normal: here is the order of large groups and French institutions. Their computer data runs continuously on tens of thousands of computer servers hosted at “DC5”, one of the ten French data centers of Scaleway, a subsidiary of the Iliad (Free) group, and one of the least energy-intensive in the park. French.


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