Compiègne: A fifth arrest in the case of the adolescent prostitute by force

Compiègne: A fifth arrest in the case of the adolescent prostitute by force

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A fifth person has been arrested in connection with the pimping case against a 15-year-old girl. This 24-year-old individual, confused thanks to the revelations of the alleged victim, is known for similar facts. He has no connection with the three men and the woman arrested on Saturday August 6 in the Vivier-Corax district in Compiègne.

She had escaped the vigilance of her guardians

Saturday August 6, at the beginning of the afternoon, the young girl had escaped from an apartment in the square Vivier-Corax in Compiègne, taking advantage of a drop in the vigilance of the individuals responsible for her surveillance. She had gone to the Compiègne police station and told everything to the police, who had intervened in the process to arrest four people, still on the spot, in this ground floor apartment, at number 2 rue : three men and one woman. The woman, herself the mother of a young granddaughter, being the official tenant of the accommodation.

The teenager, alleged victim of forced prostitution, had previously run away from her home in the Marne, where she had been placed for three years. She had been in Compiègne for three weeks. She would have first prostituted herself in Paris, before escaping for the first time and being taken under the “protection” of a man who brought her to Amiens, where she also traded in her body, before arriving in Compiègne.

Aggravated pimping

The moment a victim is approached by pimps, it’s about freedom and easy money. “We don’t talk to them about prostitution but about escortexplains the prosecutor of Compiègne. And these young girls are not aware of the moral influence. Appointments were made exclusively online.

The three men arrested on Saturday, aged 20 to 30, lived respectively in Essonne, Seine-Saint-Denis and Hauts-de-Seine. Two of them are known to the courts for violence, drug trafficking or theft.
All must be referred Wednesday August 10 in order to be indicted for procuring aggravated by two circumstances, the victim being a minor and the facts having been committed in an organized gang.


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