Compiegne. Abdramane Diakité sips a liter of pure rum and takes the wheel

Compiegne. Abdramane Diakité sips a liter of pure rum and takes the wheel

In the box, the defendant concedes having “made a big mistake”. Photo credit

I want to be judged immediately, please! Straight as I behind the glass of the box, Abdramane Diakité, 40, does not intend to flee the facts with which he is accused, in particular, driving under the influence of alcohol. The man, a rather slender interim, dressed in a colorful short-sleeved shirt, faces President Baptiste Bonnemort this Thursday, June 9. “I’m ready to do whatever you want, take a cure…»

Abdramane Diakité already has ten years of alcoholism behind him. Evidenced by the first of six convictions on his criminal record. All are related to driving a vehicle and the influence of an alcoholic state. And this Monday, June 6 is no exception to the rule. When it is checked by a national police patrol, it displays at 11:30 a.m. a rate that is twice that of the authorized maximum. And for good reason…
I don’t remember what time I started drinking. It was downstairs with a friend. Maybe around 3:30…“, hesitates this inhabitant of the square Mercières, in Compiègne. On the other hand, he remembers very well the drink he ingested that night: “A liter of pure rum. And also what he did next: I accompanied my daughter. I returned home, and I took the car to accompany my girlfriend and buy cigarettes.»

“Killing someone is not good”

The police also note that Abdramane Diakité has not extended his driving license since December 24, 2020.I made a big mistake“. The court takes it up: Let’s talk about offense, the term is more correct.President Bonnemort continues:
“Why drink so much?”
– I have problems…
– Do you measure the risks involved?
– There are many like killing someone. It’s not good… In detention (he spent a night there, editor’s note) I thought about a lot of things.
“You could have killed yourself and your daughter…

The president asks him about the fact that his driver’s license has not been extended. “We had to do the psycho-technical visit“replies the defendant. “And why didn’t you do it?“, continues the magistrate. “I was waiting, I was waiting…“, Abdramane Diakité runs out of steam.

I know Mr. Diakité well.“, underlines the prosecutor Antoine Perrin recalling that the father of the family is in legal recidivism. “He can be serious when he wants. Otherwise, it’s a roller coaster. Despite all the messages sent to him, he refuses to listen. He has a self-centered behavior and regrets afterward. The prosecution requires 6 months in prison and continued detention. He also asks for the cancellation of the driver’s license.

He’s sick; detention is not going to help him“, estimates master Charlotte de Boislaville. “He needs one last measure of favor: a cure“, pleads the lawyer of Diakité. “We must reach out to him one last time and forbid him from going to drinking establishments.»
But the court follows the requisitions of the prosecution. Abdramane Diakité goes to prison and his driving license is canceled. He will not be able to pass it again before 18 months.

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