Compiegne. After drinking three bottles of rosé, Grégory Beaurain bangs his lover

Compiegne. After drinking three bottles of rosé, Grégory Beaurain bangs his lover

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“I remember that I jostled her and that I broke her phone. But unless I’m losing my memory from alcohol, I don’t remember punching him.” Appearing under escort this Monday, July 25, Grégory Beaurain, 50, domiciled in Meux, recognizes some of the facts with which he is charged, but he struggles to remember precisely the evening which led him into police custody three days later. early.

On July 22, around one o’clock in the morning, the police were called to the home of Beaurain’s companion, who lives with her three children. The victim then told the officials that he had been punched in the face by Beaurain (they had been a couple since February) and had been pushed around several times by him. But on the spot, no trace of the man. A little earlier in the evening, in the presence of the children of the victim, an argument had broken out between Beaurain and his lover, after the man had drunk three bottles of rosé wine by himself. As usual, his drinking had started that day at 11 a.m. Insults being daily on the part of Beaurain, nobody seems to be unduly worried about the verbal and alcoholic excesses of Grégory – already convicted ten times, in particular for “involuntary homicide by a drunk driver”, and “imprisoned four or five times”. But at one o’clock in the morning, Beaurain explodes, grabs his companion by the hair and bangs her head several times against a door.

Before his judges, Beaurain preferred to talk about “jostling”. Seeing their mother manhandled by the furious (her face is bloody), the victim’s children (16 and 28) want to intervene but Beaurain then attacks the teenager and slaps her. Nothing calms the guy and Beaurain returns to the charge – then punching his companion, without forgetting to smash his mobile phone against a wall. It is finally the eldest son of the victim who manages to dismiss Beaurain, bringing him back by car to Le Meux, where Gregory – dismissed from the economy since April – lives with his own mother. The next day, four days of ITT are prescribed for the main victim (who suffers from bruising on his face and arm) and two days for his daughter. Heard later by the investigators, the neighbors will claim to have heard that evening sounds of blows and insults.

“100% responsible”, but “shared wrongs”

Presented this Monday, July 25 under the regime of immediate appearance, Gregory Beaurain, although declaring himself “responsible to 100%”, explains to the court “that the wrongs are shared”. Questioned by President Xavier Lacasa, the defendant develops his reasoning, thereby trying, somehow, to exculpate himself: “If there has been violence, it is also because of the children. And if Madame did not buy alcohol, we would not come to this. Acknowledging that he drinks three bottles of rosé wine every day, Beaurain – himself the father of four children – says he had stopped drinking for almost three years, following the death of one of his friends. But for a year it has plunged again. “I want to get treatment for alcohol,” he says today. And to conclude by evoking its future: “I don’t want to see Madame anymore, I don’t want to see her children anymore, I don’t want anything to do with them anymore.”

Returning to Gregory Beaurain’s judicial past, prosecutor Audrey Senegas advances in her requisitions found at his home “the package of the impulsive man who does not control his impulses”, also deploring “a problem of addiction and acting out”. It requires against Beaurain 24 months in prison, including 12 with suspended probation. She also asks for her continued detention.

“Excessive punishment”

“I don’t know if it’s summer or a heat wave.gets carried away Me Anthony Alexandre, the lawyer of Gregory Beaurain, but I believe that we are increasingly bordering on collective madness. And to attack the public prosecutor directly: “In this case, the prosecution is charging and charging and even overloading.” criticizing “an assumed criminal policy”, he regrets that “For crack and domestic violence, in Compiègne, we beat up.” Addressing the court, he said: “the sentence that we are asking you today is completely disproportionate”. Presenting his client as “someone who has always worked”, but who is “an addict and an alcoholic”, he concludes his argument with these words: “This gentleman needs to be treated.”

The court is more lenient than the requisitions and condemns Gregory Beaurain to 16 months in prison, including 8 months with probationary suspension for a period of 24 months. In particular, he will have the obligation to follow psychological and addictolgic care, and the prohibition to come into contact with the victim and to appear at his home. The 8 months in prison will be arranged in the form of house arrest under electronic surveillance.



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