Compiegne. Cinthya runs away, reappears two days later, but her grandfather still worries

Compiegne. Cinthya runs away, reappears two days later, but her grandfather still worries

The disappearance of the young woman has been widely relayed on social networks. (Photo: Facebook screenshot)

Everything is fine, my daughter is with someone in the family, in whom we have complete confidence. Cinthya is in Compiègne.“Christelle Bouaref will have remained two days without news of her daughter, 18 years old recently. She had disappeared from the family home in the Clos-des-Roses district on the night of Saturday July 17 to Sunday July 18.

The time to worry, to report his disappearance to the police and on Facebook, and to mobilize a large number of Internet users who were moved by what was ultimately only a runaway after a family dispute, as confirmed by his mother Christelle Baillon, wife Bouaref: “There are ups and downs in a family. We are like everyone else. There is nothing very serious. There are rules for everyone. And sometimes teenagers want to get some fresh air. But the fact that she left without saying anything, just with her papers and her means of payment, was worrying. She could have bumped into anyone on the street.»

The grandfather thinks that we are hiding something from him

Very quickly, the news of his reappearance aroused relief on social networks, with the exception of Pascal Hubert, his grandfather who lives in the Var, who had difficulty believing in this happy ending. He was initially surprised that his daughter Christelle called him the day after the disappearance of his granddaughter, when he hadn’t heard from him for a year: “She texts me to take care of Cinthya. I didn’t understand what she was talking about. By exchanging several SMS, I understood that she had left the house, that she had reported it to the police station. She thought she decided to vacation at my house because it was tense at home. She asked me to tell her that she agreed but that she had to watch Parcours Sup’ so as not to ruin her studies on a whim…»

Two years ago, Pascal Hubert had developed privileged ties with his granddaughter, when she came to visit him in the south: “She had loved the region and the sun. She had discovered the sea, Notre-Dame-de-la-garde, gastronomy… She even imagined studying gynecology here. If she had come down south, she would have told me.»

It is because of the following text exchanges that the grandfather will worry, considering that something is hidden from him “severe“: “I tried to reach my granddaughter who did not answer me. My daughter told me that the phone corresponding to this number was in the closet because she had been punished. She gave me another number but still no response from Cinthya. And then her mother told me that her daughter did what she wanted.»

He asks for proof that she is fine

The grandfather finds his messages contradictory and finds his daughter’s seemingly detached behavior strange. He wants proof that she’s okay. What does not surprise Christelle: “My father is a former thug and drug addict, known to the justice system in Compiègne. He is used to inventing.»

Pascal Hubert does not hide his tumultuous past in the Imperial City: “I have been clean for thirty years. I have real reason to be worried. Why am I being called to tell me that Cinthya is at my house? And why, in the process, no one answers me anymore while I’m gnawing at myself. I saw that people had posted on social networks that Cinthya had been found. But I want to be told officially.»

The mother confirms again that her daughter is fine and that she has never left Compiègne: “If we thought she had gone to see her grandfather, it was because one of his friends told us, but we understood that was not the case.“Cinthya will not, for the moment, return to the family home:”Let her take a step back, and let the situation calm down during the holidays. We’ll talk to her when she’s calmed down. For now, that would be unproductive. We will see at the start of the school year if she still wishes to continue her studies.»

For his part, Pascal Hubert continues not to believe it: “Who is she with? What a family ? Not even a name, an address, a telephone… Not even she asks the little one to telephone the grandfather who is very worried. Why did she tell me that she put all of Cinthya’s things in the trash and that, anyway, she has four wonderful children left? It shocked me and still shocks me. I’ll call the police station. I have the impression of being taken for a very ripe pear.»



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