Compiegne. Death of a client of the Zenzilé bar in 2015: 8 to 9 years in prison required against the accused

Compiegne. Death of a client of the Zenzilé bar in 2015: 8 to 9 years in prison required against the accused

Courage, let’s flee: this is the feeling I have today at the end of the debates.” It is with these words that Audrey Senegas, the general counsel of the trial of the Thiou brothers and Yannick Haran, all three prosecuted for “intentional violence in a meeting resulting in death without intention to give it“, begins its requisitions this Thursday, June 23. Regretting that it took nearly seven years for the Oise Assize Court to finally judge this case dating from August 2015, she considers that it is a “failure for justice to pass after so many years, proving that justice is not doing well.»

Then she comes back to this “file essentially consisting of testimonies and expert opinions“, deploring also a case of a”sad banality, a brawl between people who are far too drunk, which comes to take the life of a man in too great a brutality.” For her, this tragedy, which occurred on the night of August 14 to 15, 2015, is the consequence of a “single scene of violence, by the admission of the accused“.

“the personalities of the defendants correspond to the facts with which they are charged”

Audrey Senegas, general counsel at the assizes of Beauvais (Oise)

Continuing her demonstration, she affirmsthat there is a causal link“between the violence suffered by the victim in Compiègne, François Mouchet, 51, from La Croix-Saint-Ouen, that night and his death two weeks later: “Without this fall, he would not have died, and he would not have fallen without suffering violence. The altercation was disproportionate. The defendants were in a situation of attack, and their desire was to settle accounts with the person opposite, a victim who was unable to protect himself.»

Not forgetting to recall that the three defendants (who each face twenty years’ imprisonment) “ended up running away», the Advocate General concludes that «the personalities of the accused correspond to the facts with which they are charged“. Against Ludovic Thiou (clean record), presented as “a follower“, it requires the less severe sentence, in this case 8 years in prison. Unlike Mickaël Thiou, “poorly constructed personality, which may resort to violence», «already sentenced in 2009 for similar acts“, she requires 9 years in prison.

Same sentence required against Yannick Haran (7 mentions in his criminal record), described by psychiatrists as “rough personality“And who suffers, according to the prosecution, “an old unresolved alcoholic problem“. In addition, for the latter, she claims a socio-judicial follow-up of 4 years. Finally, it asks for the three defendants a warrant of committal with a deferred deadline.

The defense arguments are due this Friday, June 24.



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