Compiegne. Domestic violence: the authorities are multiplying the tools for fighting, but also for reintegration

Compiegne. Domestic violence: the authorities are multiplying the tools for fighting, but also for reintegration

What to do with people accused of domestic violence? In Compiègne, an initial response was found with the signing of a protocol dedicated to the protection of victims. The device was presented and signed on Tuesday, June 28 in the presence of the public prosecutor Marie-Céline Lawrysz and several speakers.

In the event of violence observed, the authorities can now proceed to the eviction of the accused, with a ban on appearing at the home. This person can then, in turn, be taken care of. Accommodation provided for this purpose is already available. Before the end of the year, four will be open in Compiégnois and Noyonnais.

These accommodations must accommodate the defendants during their time away from the marital home, from the criminal proceedings, while reconciling the principle of the presumption of innocence. The objective is the reintegration of the spouse. For Valérie Polin, director of the Investigation and Mediation Association (AEM), a stakeholder in the system, “it is important to keep this human aspect, these accommodations allow them not to be placed in homes around other violent people“. Marie-Céline Lawrysz, the prosecutor of Compiègne, adds that it is necessary “prevent recurrence. Incarceration is not necessarily the solution“.

Special care put in place

Another point is addressed: psychological monitoring. Care centers will be set up for addiction to alcohol, “light” drugs, as well as for video games.

With regard to therapeutic management, July Drop, psychologist, specifies that the establishment of group therapies “is impossible“. The specialist opts instead for individual therapies, with a one-hour session every two weeks. Through this process, July Drop intends not to let denial settle in the heart of the individual being followed, who must “to feel listened to“. And to add:It is therefore essential to adapt the process on a case-by-case basis, with a view to breaking the shame and thus leaving room for guilt.»

More than 2,000 cases of domestic violence in the Oise

Oise is a department where the issue of domestic violence is the subject of great attention. In 2021, 2,291 cases of violence were reported to the police and 242 women called 115, the social emergency number.

It is also about supporting victims of domestic violence. Tarik-Alexandre Ali Benali, project manager for the national coordination of centers for the care of perpetrators of domestic violence (CPCA), recalls that the 115 is precisely set up to “facilitate contact“, the victims.


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