Compiegne. Firefighters search for a drowned

Compiegne. Firefighters search for a drowned

The firefighters of Compiègne intervened, Thursday, July 7, around 6 p.m., following a call concerning a possible fall in the Oise. The call reports that a person would have jumped from the bridge of the bypass 1031 which goes from Mercières to Carrefour. On the Zodiac which circled the river around the bridge piers, Norton, a search dog, was tasked with spotting any fumes.

The group leader decided to lift the device a little after 7 p.m., the searches having yielded nothing. “There is quite a lot of foot traffic on this bridge and it is enough for the person to have descended just after the bridge without being seen for the person who called to believe that he had jumped into the water. But we have to check it out.”explains the operations manager

The firefighters hired a VSAV, two nautical rescue vehicles, the drone team, the canine team and a group leader.


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