Compiegne. In his police cell, he masturbates in front of the police: “It makes me feel good”

Compiegne. In his police cell, he masturbates in front of the police: “It makes me feel good”

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Six months in prison with continued detention for sexual exhibition and drunk driving: Amin Djebara, 27 years old and 21 mentions in his criminal record, must say today, from the back of his cell at home of Beauvais, that it is a bit expensive to pay for having masturbated in front of the police. But the funniest thing about this case, which takes place on July 23, is that Amin Djebara, also the father of a four-year-old child, was originally placed in police custody for acts of violence. in a meeting – an offense for which he was finally acquitted by the Compiègne court two days later.

First failed at a kebab restaurant

It was therefore on Saturday, July 23 in the morning that the adventures of Mr. Djebara began, domiciled in the Meuse, and who had come to the imperial city to “look for [s]we son and take him home [lui] for the holidays”. For his journey by car (a three-hour drive), Djebara was able to count on his “neighbor and colleague” Fabien Fernandez, 22, father of three children. Arrived in Compiègne the evening before, the two friends spent, according to their words, the evening “with a girl”, a young woman who will have no choice but to call the police in order to get rid of the intruders. A few hours later — day has dawned — we find the Djebara-Fernandez duo wandering the streets of the city center. Lunchtime is approaching, the two young men are hungry. Around 11:30 a.m. — it’s market day — Djebara and his sidekick, who have only known each other for 4 or 5 months, enter a kebab restaurant located a stone’s throw from rue Saint-Corneille. But the owner of the establishment, noting immediately the state of intoxication of Amin Djebara, refuses to serve the two friends. Then he tries to throw them both out but encounters some difficulties. Witness of the scene, another man then comes to the aid of the restaurateur. Fernandez and Djebara end up retreating — insulting and threatening the other two in the middle of the market customers.

But soon, the two friends cross again the path of the one who had assisted the owner of the kebab a few minutes earlier. Still on rue Saint-Corneille, new insults burst out, then, wanting to do battle, Fernandez struck a violent punch in the face of the victim. Finally the duo flees. When the police arrive on the scene, the victim (suffering from a frontal and nasal wound, to whom a day of ITT will be prescribed) informs them that one of his attackers had a hood on his head and a tattoo on his back. eye, and the other was wearing a gray polo shirt with a white collar. The two men are arrested a little further, while Djebara – whose blood alcohol level will indicate 0.61 mg / liter of exhaled air – is driving his vehicle, Fernandez seated on the passenger side. In the pockets of the latter, the police also found 5.19 grams of cannabis resin. And the two friends, who will deny having participated in the attack, to be then placed in police custody.

The underpants lowered in front, his penis erect, he goes “back and forth”

Unfortunately for the investigators, the only CCTV camera on rue Saint-Corneille is not usable, the many market stalls obscuring the place where the skirmish took place. But another CCTV camera soon attracts the attention of police officers from the Compiègne police station: in the middle of his cell, the detainee Djebara is standing, “the underpants lowered in front, his penis erect and moving back and forth”. It is 7:44 p.m. when the officers come to make sure they are not dreaming. Positioning themselves in front of his cell door, they call out to the agitated man, telling him that his attitude is purely and simply a matter of sexual exhibition. But Djebara doesn’t care. “If it bothers you, it makes me feel good”, The father of the family then answers them, who works in Luxembourg and alternates there the missions of mason and order picker. His case over (it only lasted a few minutes), Djebara gets dressed but continues with a series of middle fingers, all pointed in the direction of the camera in his cell.

The day after, the Fernandez-Djebara duo is brought before the public prosecutor, who announces to the two men, in particular prosecuted for violence in meetings, that they will be tried in immediate appearance the same afternoon. It’s too much for Djebara who then kicks down a court door. It is around 3 p.m. on Monday July 25 when the two men appear in the defendants’ box. Disputing having assaulted the victim (also absent at the hearing), Fabien Fernandez – the first name of his children tattooed above the right eye – declared to his judges: “I’m not going to hit, I know that people recognize me directly because of my tattoo. I have three children, I have a job, I’m not going to lose everything because of bullshit. Saturday was even my daughter’s birthday, and I had to go home. I have nothing to do with it and neither does my colleague. Standing at his side, Amin Djebara (who has tucked the famous white collar described by the victim inside his polo shirt), admits driving while intoxicated but denies having participated in the attack and having masturbated in his custody cell. “I thought I was in a situation of intimacy”, he says, arguing that he had a scab on his penis and that he then wanted to remove it. The hearing will let us know that the crust in question no longer exists. In support of his thesis – thereby contesting the statements of the police – Amin Djebara thinks it appropriate to add: “I didn’t even have an erection.”

“Never a person who is in the toilet should be filmed”

“A complicated file in its approach”, according to prosecutor Audrey Senegas, for whom “the bundles of clues are sufficient to enter the process of condemnation”. According to her, “the victim of the aggression has always been constant in his declarations and does not add to it”. Unlike Fabien Fernandez, she requires 8 months in prison, 4 of which are probationary. For Amin Djebara, she is asking for 12 months in prison – with continued detention.

Questioning each of the statements of the witnesses to the assault and pleading for the release of his client, Me Anthony Alexandre, Fernandez’s lawyer, declared to the court: “If you take over the file, you have nothing.” Same defense strategy on the part of Me Jonathan Sorriaux, Djebara’s lawyer, who must also insist (it’s his job) on the sexual exhibition alleged against his client. “You have to understand the context: Mr. Djebara was trying to remove a scab he had on his penis. At that time, he was above the toilet block and for me, there is a big problem that arises, it is that of dignity. Appearing convinced by his own client, the lawyer is surprised that we can film the toilets of a police cell. “Never a person who is in the toilet should be filmed”, he is indignant. Finally, also pleading for release (for violence in meetings and sexual exhibition), he concludes with these words, by way of moral: “His criminal record does not make him a culprit.”

Convicted of possession of narcotics and violence without aggravating circumstances (the acts of violence in meetings having been reclassified), Fabien Fernandez is sentenced to a fine of 1,500 euros and will also have to carry out a “training to raise awareness of the dangers of the use of narcotics”. Relaxed for the acts of violence in meetings, Amin Djebara is on the other hand condemned for drunken driving but also sexual exhibition. He receives 6 months in prison – and the court orders his continued detention. In addition, his driver’s license is canceled, his personal vehicle confiscated. He sleeps tonight in prison.



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