Compiegne. In recidivism, Zacharia Thevenin sentenced to 18 months in prison for possession of heroin and sachets of “Hashibo”.

Compiegne. In recidivism, Zacharia Thevenin sentenced to 18 months in prison for possession of heroin and sachets of “Hashibo”.

– Photo: Compiègne Police Station / Twitter.

I have absolutely nothing to do, I do not condone what is happening there.“Standing in his box this Friday, July 15, Zacharia Thevenin, just of age, denies the facts of which he is accused today. Arrested four days earlier in Square Charpentier, a hotbed of drug trafficking in Compiègne, he had been seen by police trying to get rid of a black plastic bag containing several pouches of narcotics. In this bag: 287 grams of heroin and 400 grams of cannabis. Unusual detail: the cannabis was packaged in bags bearing a false brand, “Hashibo”, in reference to the famous brand of sweets. The police also found in the bag the sum of 3,330 euros in small denominations.

But Thevenin told the court that he had no connection with any traffic. “I was sitting with my colleagues, we were talking when I hear shouting“explains the defendant. “I see it screaming, we disperse and I see a policeman coming towards me. They tell me “prevention”, they handcuff me and take me into custody. Afterwards they take the bag out to me and say “I saw you”. But I was in order, I walked with my colleagues. If I had thrown the bag, I wouldn’t have walked, I would have run.»

The explanation struggles to convince the magistrates. Zacharia Thevenin – released from detention last April, and already nine mentions on his criminal record – also refuses to give the court the names of his “colleagues“.

Maybe the bag belonged to one of your colleagues», quipped President Bonnemort. “We could have interrogated them to find out whose bag it was“.

The defendant also in possession of two telephones

In the pockets of Thévenin – a repeat offender for possession of narcotics – a few grams of resin were also found, as well as two mobile phones. The young man refused to give the access codes to the investigators, “because I have pictures with my girlfriend“.

Why did you have two phones on you?“, wants to know President Bonnemort. “The second, I had just bought it two minutes before, a gentleman came in front of me and said to me, I’ll sell it to you.But the president does not seem satisfied with this answer; he repeats his question. “I just told you that I had just bought it. Do you realize the question you are asking me?“, questions in turn, with insolence, Thévenin, visibly annoyed by the insistence of the court.

For prosecutor Audrey Senegas, “this file is quite simple, but we will only have a few answers”, regretting “explanations not very credible“. Considering that Zacharia Thevenin “does not understand the various convictions to which he has already been subjected”it requires against him 18 months in prison with continued detention, and asks that he be banned from staying in Compiègne for a period of three years.

For his part, Me Jonathan Sorriaux, Thévenin’s lawyer, regrets that his client was “the only one arrested that day and that the others were not even questioned“. For him, “nothing connects Mr. Thevenin to this bag“. And to also question the court, pleading the release of his client: “Since when is it a crime to be at Clos-des-Roses with three friends?»

In response, the court sentences Zacharia Thevenin to 18 months in prison with continued detention. In addition, he will henceforth be prohibited from staying in Compiègne for a period of three years.



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