Compiegne. “It’s not Uber Eat, but Uber Shit”: the driver under narcotics sentenced to 4 months in prison

Compiegne. “It’s not Uber Eat, but Uber Shit”: the driver under narcotics sentenced to 4 months in prison

“I consumed cannabis and resin 24 hours before driving”explains the defendant who had just… lost his license – Credit: Unsplash

“I consumed cannabis and resin 24 hours before driving”. Monday, June 20 Hosni Chaibi is tried for four offenses committed in Compiègne.

On June 16, around 9:30 p.m., the attention of the police was drawn to a Peugeot 207. The police carried out a check and first noted that the driver’s driving license had been canceled 8 days earlier for cause of drug abuse. At the bar of the court, the man recognizes that he was driving his car that day. A thorough search of the vehicle then allows the officers to find 43 grams of cannabis and a precision scale. “It was for my personal consumption”swears the defendant at the hearing.

That evening, the man who was also driving without insurance is subjected to a saliva screening which turns out to be positive for narcotics. “It’s irrational”recognizes the mis en cause who admits to having intensified his consumption of cannabis between his first hearing and his arrest on June 16. “I did not hold morally”, he tries to justify himself. If the respondent presents himself as a man with very little income and no fixed address, he claims to have taken the car to “looking for a new job”.

“It’s not Uber Eat, but Uber Shit”

For the prosecutor, the defendantdoesn’t look totally honest”. “He claims that 43 grams is for his personal consumption, I think he’s not being totally honest with us, I think he doesn’t work for Uber eat, he works for Uber shit”thunders Marion Luna. “There were narcotics, does she develop, in different parts of the vehicle. Cannabis resin packaged ready for sale was found. We also found a precision scale and new packaging bags, of two different sizes.

Referring to the June 8 sentencing, she adds: “Mr. Chaibi does not take into account the convictions of justice, he does not respect the sanctions”. For these reasons, it requests the conviction of the respondent to six months’ imprisonment with continued detention.

Hosni Chaibi’s lawyer, Maître Meunier Bénédicte retorts: “We do not find on him the complete paraphernalia of the trafficker, that is to say the telephone, the wad of notes… so effectively he is not involved in trafficking”. She asks the court “to show benevolence towards her”.

The court admits that it does not hold “enough evidence to say it was drug trafficking”. However, he finds him guilty of the charges. His sentence: 4 months imprisonment and 4 months suspended sentence without possible adjustment of sentence. His vehicle will be confiscated and his license suspended for 6 months. Finally, he receives an obligation of care, and 200 euros in fines for driving without insurance.


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