Compiegne. Philippe Marini indicted in a case of “favoritism”, “corruption” and “unlawful agreement”

Compiegne. Philippe Marini indicted in a case of “favoritism”, “corruption” and “unlawful agreement”

Philippe Marini, mayor of Compiègne (Oise), announced his own indictment on Tuesday July 19. – Photo: Frederika Guillaume / Oise Hebdo

He announces it himself. The mayor of Compiègne Philippe Marini confessed this Tuesday July 19 to his own indictment in “the Paprec affair“. This procedure is linked to the legal challenges of Jean-Luc Petithuguenin, boss of Paprec. The head of the waste collection and recycling company was indicted for “favoritism”, “corruption” and “unlawful agreement”. Justice accuses him of having paid funds for a horse show organized by the wife of Philippe Marini. All up to 10,000 then 15,000 euros.

Investigators are wondering about a possible consideration: obtaining a public contract for the Villers-Saint-Paul waste recovery center, near Creil. This incinerator is managed by the SMDO, the main inter-municipal waste management union in the Oise department, whose president is a certain Marini Philippe.

“No suspicion of personal enrichment was expressed.”

Philippe Marini, mayor of Compiègne

Like Jean-Luc Petithuguenin, Philippe Marini brushes aside the accusations with the back of his hand. “Of course, I formally deny having committed any offense whatsoever“, reacts the former senator on social networks. “This procedural act, which was expected, is a measure which makes it possible to guarantee the full exercise of the rights of the defense, with regard to the technical nature and the age of the grounds alleged. And to clarify: no suspicion of personal enrichment was expressed.»
This indictment of Philippe Marini by an investigating judge comes after a police custody ordered on May 31, lifted 24 hours later. The National Financial Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of the case, wanted to question the mayor of Compiègne on a possible link between the public contract obtained by Paprec and the financing of these horse shows. The chosen one then declared himself “foreignto the case.

Philippe Marini remains presumed innocent of the charges against him.


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