Compiègne. Sheyma Hajjaoui, girlfriend of Sofiane Henwood, convicted of complicity in drug trafficking

Compiègne. Sheyma Hajjaoui, girlfriend of Sofiane Henwood, convicted of complicity in drug trafficking

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It was a file that had caused a lot of ink to flow, that of the first Compiegnois “platform” for the sale of narcotic products (cannabis, cocaine, heroin and crack cocaine) dismantled last March by the police of the imperial city. This complex file was then the subject of a disjunction, which led to Sheyma Hajjaoui, 22 years old and girlfriend of Sofiane Henwood (convicted last April and still incarcerated currently), to appear free this Monday, August 8. Despite a still clean criminal record, she faces 5 years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros.

The facts she is accused of are the simplest: while her boyfriend Sofiane Henwood (with whom she had been in a relationship for a year), was driving the rental car in which most of the transactions took place, Hajjaoui was sitting next to her, in the front passenger seat. “He was getting out of the car or someone was getting in the back, I was on my phone and I wasn’t calculating too much”, declares the defendant before her judges. Claiming not to have “never seen the transactions”, she finally conceded, in the face of the insistence of the magistrates : “I had little doubts, but I didn’t dare to tell him too much about it.”While in police custody, Hajjaoui had nevertheless told the investigators : “I knew he was forced to do “business”, I didn’t want to leave him in the shit.» For the presence at her side of her lover seemed «reassure» Sofiane Henwood, he who had presented himself before the investigators as someone from “very anxious”.

“She was the one holding the cash register”

But the version of Sheyma Hajjaoui – claiming that she has never seen the transactions — is undermined by many addicts, loyal customers of her boyfriend, 11 of whom will formally recognize her. “She was always present, everything was done in front of her,” according to one of them. Another still claims that he had already handed her the amount of a transaction by hand, telling investigators : “She was the one who held the cash register.» Asked about these statements by President Laura Constantin and about her possible participation in this traffic, Sheyma Hajjaoui defends it : “It’s totally wrong.»

In tears at the end of her deposition, the one who would like to become a nurse listens in silence to the requisitions of the prosecutor Marie-Céline Lawrysz. “Madame must stop taking us for fools, because it is intolerable”, the magistrate is carried away. For her, the defendant’s complicity is beyond doubt. “She is an accomplice because she knew, because she attended, because she reinforced Sofiane Henwood’s position by accompanying her.» Recalling that “some customers had spent several thousand euros each in ten months”, and also returning to the importance of this dismantled traffic (“about fifteen transitions per day and 1,000 euros of daily revenue”), she presents the defendant as “the last link in the chain”. She demands against him 10 months in prison with a simple suspended sentence, a fine of 3,000 euros and a ban on appearing in Compiègne for a period of 2 years.

For his part, Pierre-Edouard Szymanski, the young woman’s lawyer, insists in his plea on other statements, those of all the clients who claim that she was just a simple escort and that she did not participate in trafficking. Pleading for relaxation, he concludes with these words : “In this case, it is only a matter of clumsiness or unconsciousness, but in no case an offense.»

On the other hand, Sheyma Hajjaoui was acquitted of “unauthorized acquisition of narcotic drugs” and was found guilty of complicity on the other counts, namely “possession, transport, supply or transfer of narcotic drugs”. She was fined 5,000 euros, of which 1,500 euros were suspended. In addition, she is now banned from appearing in Compiègne for a period of 3 years.

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