Compiègne. Sued for moral harassment, the “magnetizer” claims to be raped remotely by his victim

Compiègne. Sued for moral harassment, the “magnetizer” claims to be raped remotely by his victim

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“To make myself look like a madman because I have quite powerful magnetizer and mediumship gifts, I find the shortcut quite fast.» Shaved head, blue and gray plaid shirt, Sylvain Allard – with an enlightened look – was scheduled to appear this Thursday, August 4 for two separate harassment cases.

The first (for acts committed in Compiègne and dating from December 2018) concerns voice messages addressed to his former partner, threats accompanied by tags on the front door of his victim’s home, as well as several degradations on his personal vehicle.

The second case — which earned Sieur Allard to meet in court as part of an immediate appearance – began last May, still in Compiègne. Insults, degradation and violence: for a reason that the judges have not yet had the opportunity to establish, Sylvain Allard, a 49-year-old homeless man, who presents himself as a “magnetizer” with “the ability to send waves on people for altruistic purposes”, allegedly attacked his victim because she would — as for her — “the power to violate it at a distance with other people”.

“I know it’s hard to hear, but it’s the truth”

Since his box, after claiming that he would have already cured a doctor suffering from cancer, but also several players of the Lens Racing Club (from the time when Sylvain Allard was a member of the Ultras), the defendant explains to the court, wanting to be a teacher : “There are two ways to use donations. Altruistic and other ways to harm people.» Seeing that he is struggling to convince the magistrates, Sylvain Allard – a former bartender, but also declaring himself to have a chemistry degree, a law degree and another business degree – ends up conceding : “I know it’s hard to hear, but it’s the truth.» And as proof of his miracles, the detainee Allard claims that he would have healed, in the courtyard of the Beauvais detention center — and by simple affixing of his two hands —, another prisoner who until then “could no longer lift his arms”.

Father of a 17-year-old daughter — but whom he no longer sees “for security reasons” -, Sylvain Allard also declares himself threatened with death by Rémy Cuelle, the mayor of the village of Montmacq. «This story goes a long way, but I don’t want to say more”, he argues before the magistrates. “Are these death threats from a distance?» quips the president Laura Constantin. “No, it’s physical”, the defendant calmly replies to him, whose “the psychological state would have worsened since last May”, according to doctors. A psychiatric expertise had also been requested during his first appearance (see our edition of June 29th). But it is the summer holidays, the appointed expert did not have time to meet the defendant, who has been detained for almost six weeks. Pending the said expertise, a new referral is therefore ordered by the court, which itself needs “to be enlightened” on the case of the Allard magnetizer.

For Prosecutor Marion Luna,”the risk of renewal of the offense is significant” : she therefore asks for the defendant to be kept in custody. But for Me Mouna Taoufik, the lawyer of Sylvain Allard, his client “has nothing to do in detention, it is rather a matter of internment or judicial review”.

This time, no miracle for the magnetizer: the court opts for his continued detention. Sylvain Allard will therefore appear again — and for the third time in two months – on Monday, August 22, at 13:30 p.m.

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