Compiegne. The maternity ward of the Saint-Côme polyclinic closed this summer

Compiegne. The maternity ward of the Saint-Côme polyclinic closed this summer

– Photo: Federation of private hospitals – Hauts-de-France.

No birth at the Saint-Côme polyclinic in August. Not because the birth rate drops “naturally” at this time of year, but because the private health establishment is short of staff. Between August 1 and 22, 70 patients during pregnancy and currently followed by the service concerned by this closure. They should be taken care of by the dedicated service within the Compiègne-Noyon hospital. A joint organization with the regional health agency (ARS) of Hauts-de-France and the hospital of Noyon / Compiègne has been set up to do the best during this complicated period.

Our gynecologists will go on duty at the hospital», confirms Vincent Vesselle, director of the Compiégnoise polyclinic. “The patients concerned will have an appointment with our anesthesiologists before entering the hospital. Everything has been planned for the transfer of files. There is no question of leaving mothers in the wild.»

“The hospital system is collapsing”

Vincent Vesselle, director of the Saint-Côme polyclinic.

This closure is explained by a shortage of personnel, more specifically of midwives. The polyclinic did launch a recruitment campaign at the beginning of June, but for the director of Saint-Côme, the evil is deeper. “The French hospital system is collapsing“, predicts Vincent Vesselle. “I am not pessimistic, but there is a gap between what politicians say and the reality on the ground.»

Returning to the case of midwives, the manager specifies: “we had to concentrate our midwives’ holidays over three weeks in August to make this work. But generally speaking, too few midwives are trained each year and they are increasingly settling in liberal. In our case, we are missing five. It can be managed. But this shortage, plus that linked to Covid and vaccination and vacations, is no longer possible.»

Still according to Vincent Vesselle, the problem is not limited to Maternity, but also other services such as emergencies. “With the closure of the Senlis emergency room, the activity was spread over all the other establishmentshe says. “Our emergency business has increased by 25%.»


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