Compiègne. The police station targeted by mortar fire at night

Compiègne. The police station targeted by mortar fire at night

The police hotel in Compiègne (Oise) was targeted at night. – Photo: Guillaume Grasset / Oise Weekly.

Fireworks were fired at the Compiègne police station on the night of Sunday, August 7 to Monday, August 8. Projectiles were also thrown and officers assaulted. At the end of this attack, three people were arrested and taken into custody. An investigation was opened by the city prosecutor’s office, under the direction of prosecutor Marie-Céline Lawrysz.

Scuffles with homemade mortars against police officers, this is not new in Compiègne. Especially in the Clos-des-Roses district. But this is the first time that the police station has been targeted directly.

22 kilos of drugs seized in 2022

For the mayor of Compiègne Philippe Marini, these attacks are related to the various operations aimed at disrupting drug trafficking in the imperial city. «We are causing real harm to illegal activities, declares the chief magistrate. Traffickers feel that the noose is tightening and react with aggression towards our police officers. This is unacceptable. (…) We will continue to increase the number of operations in our neighborhoods and we will not relax the pressure.»

Also according to Philippe Marini, 36 kilos of drugs were seized in 2021. Since the beginning of 2022, 22 kilos have already been confiscated. «To be more effective, the city of Compiègne must be able to benefit from the support of additional national police officers“, insists Philippe Marini.


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