Compiegne. Threats, beatings, kidnapping… prison term for Dylan Fernandes, after two years of violence against his partner

Compiegne. Threats, beatings, kidnapping… prison term for Dylan Fernandes, after two years of violence against his partner

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The list of violence that Dylan Fernandes, 27-year-old funeral marble worker, subjected his companion to for more than two years is long, and President Baptiste Bonnemort coldly lists them one after the other on Friday July 15. In chronological order, they are first punches in the face of his wife while Dylan is driving, threatening to “put her in a cellar and rape herbecause she stopped him from spending an evening with his friends. It’s kicks on the thighs because she exchanged messages with other men. These are several dozen blows to the body as she raises doubts about her loyalty to him. This is another time he chokes her, stopping her breathing for several seconds, before locking her outside and then hitting her with a stick. Later, while she is pregnant with him, Dylan Fernandes grabs her by the neck and throws her on the floor of their living room. It’s still jaw clenching, kicks to the shin, a headbutt that one day opens the young woman’s arch (“it’s not me, it’s the window», will later defend himself Fernandes). It’s blows to the face because a car loan has been refused, it’s a cell phone thrown on the belly of his companion – while she is about to give birth.

But last July 7, it’s too much for the young woman, who has just received yet another blow to the face while she was bottle-feeding her three-month-old son. Fleeing the couple’s home, she finally decides to file a complaint, giving the police a detailed account of the ordeal experienced for more than two years.

Someone “very angry”

Standing in his box, Dylan Fernandes – also in a state of recidivism – ends up cracking up on reading the facts with which he is accused today. Sobbing, he says:I know it’s wrong, I know it’s wrong. All that hurts my heart, I’m disappointed, and I apologize to her.Swallowing back his tears, Fernandes then tries to find an explanation: “It’s me, I have something, I need to see a doctor. Many things are due to alcohol. She and I are often drunk. Alcohol in itself, it brought me a lot of harm in itself.“And then to return to his childhood, to the sources of his own violence, according to him:”Since I was a kid, I was beaten up by my brothers, I was brought up like that.»

In the opinion of most of those close to him, Dylan Fernandes – also prosecuted for death threats and already convicted last year for violence committed against his previous partner, the mother of his first son – is described as “someone with a good heart but who is very angry“. “This anger that you have in youwants to know President Bonnemort, have you always had it? »

Nopereplies Fernandes. It’s been since I was 16-17“.

Lamenting a “dramatic situation“, the prosecutor Audrey Senegas insists in her requisitions on the”very extended prevention period“, and on the fact that”violence was committed while her two children were present.And to conclude:Nothing will stop Mr. Fernandes.“Pointing to the defendant”the omnipotence and total lack of control over one’s own impulses“, she requires three years in prison against him, including one year with a probationary sentence reinforced for a period of two years. She also asks for her continued detention.

For Me Benjamin Sorriaux, the lawyer for Dylan Fernandes, his client “does not try to minimize the violence, he assumes it, because he knows that he has a problem with violence.“Arguing a”family nucleus around gentleman, who is ready to help and support him“, the lawyer proposes that Dylan Fernandes be accommodated with one of his sisters, under the regime of house arrest – calling the court “not to pronounce a warrant of committal“.

But the magistrates hear it otherwise. They sentence Dylan Fernandes to 24 months in prison, six of which are probationary for a period of two years. In particular, he will have the obligation to follow psychological and addictology care, and the prohibition to come into contact with the victim and to appear at his home. For the time being, he is being held in detention. He leaves the court in tears.



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