Compiègne. To park for free, he pretends to be an elected official

Compiègne. To park for free, he pretends to be an elected official

The joke didn’t work, but it was well attempted – Credit DR / Oise Hebdo

It doesn’t work, but you can try it. In Compiègne, a motorist parked in the city center slipped a small note on his windshield to the attention of the public road surveillance officers: “Do not verbalize, please, signed Fabienne Joly-Caste.”A reference to an elected official of the city who wanted to be fined at the end of July, rue Eugène-Leduc.

Fabienne Joly-Caste and her saucy attempt

Fabienne Joly-Caste’s car had been boarded by the impound, because it was parked despite a municipal decree signaling a move. Having traced the incident back to the mayor’s office, the elected official had not won the case, the law applying to everyone. The brazen attempt of the elected official had then leaked to the press.

It didn’t take much more for a jokester to joke about the subject. In any case, if this anecdote made the municipal police officers smile, this little word would not have prevented them from verbalizing : “We don’t make any distinction”, they assure.


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