Compiègne / Venette. Brush fire along the RN31

Compiègne / Venette. Brush fire along the RN31

A brush fire occurred along the RN31, near Compiègne / Venette on Monday July 11. The firefighters went to the site, in the Compiègne / Clermont direction during the afternoon and extinguished the flames burning the shrubs. “The fire occurred at our exit ramp, towards the business area“, testifies Romuald Seels, mayor of Venette. “He was visible from afar. There were no cars affected.»

The disaster, however, disrupted traffic on the artery. A traffic jam formed between Compiègne and Clairoix during the intervention of firefighters. Once the exit ramp was cleared, an exit route was set up, the time to examine the site and thus avoid a flashback.


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