Compiegne. Violence against the police station: Souleymane Camara sentenced to one year of electronic bracelet

Compiegne. Violence against the police station: Souleymane Camara sentenced to one year of electronic bracelet

Souleymane Camara was tried on Thursday August 11 for complicity in violence against a person holding public authority. Photo: Guillaume Grasset / Oise Hebdo.

«Mr. Camara did not find himself there by chance. He is 27 years old and is one of the greats of the neighborhood. He knows the face of Clos-des-Roses, he spends part of his free time there, he knows very well that urban violence is particularly frequent there, he stayed put and left his vehicle at the disposal of young people throwing stones. That night, without Monsieur Camara and his vehicle, there was no violence against the police.“Marie-Céline Lawrysz, the public prosecutor, is convinced of this: Souleymane Camara, arrested three days earlier in the middle of Clos-des-Roses – and in whose car were then found”four cobblestones of different sizes-, became an accomplice in the violence of which the police officers of the Compiègne police station were the victims on the night of August 7 to 8.

These are three distinct episodes – but all three related – which take place that night in this district of the imperial city. It all started at 11:15 p.m., square Hector Berlioz (a hotspot for drug trafficking), when a police rescue team was stoned by a group of young people from the neighborhood. Reinforcements are called, calm returns and the officials then return to the police station, located a few hundred meters further. It is around midnight when the police, back at the station, hear several explosions: the police station is targeted by mortar fireworks, the shooters – who will be impossible to identify – not hesitating to aim the open windows of the police station.

All cameras destroyed

Six police officers then leave the walls of the police station to return to their service vehicle: they in turn are targeted by the rioters, who end up disappearing in the night. Then it’s back to Square Berlioz, where the first scuffles had taken place a little earlier. This time around thirtyof hostile individuals, dressed in black and with concealed faces“Await the police to fight it out. The rioters have the advantage of numbers: the police are only six in front of them. Numerous cobblestones thrown, new firework mortars fired – some young people not forgetting, in the chaos, to film the scene with their mobile phones. Devoid of video surveillance cameras – all destroyed as soon as they were installed – the place is also devoid of public lighting. Despite this, the police may observe that some young people go back and forth between several vehicles to resupply themselves with projectiles. And in particular a white Clio, doors wide open. Wishing to retaliate, the police then use tear gas, their LBD (Defence Bullet Launcher) and even a disencirclement grenade. A new scene of urban violence like Compiègne has known nearly a hundred for two years, will not fail to recall in its requisitions the public prosecutor.

The fighting raged when the police again saw the famous white Clio, parked in the impasse Chopin, which then tried to flee, all lights extinguished – cutting by “the grassy partand heading towards Square Gounod. A chase ensues. One of the occupants of the Clio – the front passenger of the vehicle – then left the cabin in the hope of escaping, but he was hit by an LBD shot. Wounded in the arm, he still manages to slip away from the police. Another shot from LBD hits the windshield of the white Clio – and the chase ends a few meters away. The arrest proved difficult for the officials, the three occupants of the vehicle (Souleymane Camara, the driver, as well as his two passengers seated in the back) blocking the doors and refusing to get out. Finally, the white Clio is searched: at the front, on the passenger side, “four large cobblestones” are discovered by the police. The trio was then taken into custody.

Only came to smoke a shisha

Single, co-manager of a catering company, Souleymane Camara – already convicted of driving without insurance but also drug trafficking – is appearing today under escort, denying having participated in any way in the violence of the night of 7 to August 8th. According to him, he had come that evening to join friends in the Square Berlioz to smoke a chicha at the end of his working day. Version corroborated by the two other passengers of the vehicle, released at the end of their police custody, no charge having been brought against them.

«We were a little in the dark, there were a few people, and when we saw the mortar fire (those of the third episode of violence Ed), that’s where we drifted apart“, declares today the defendant in front of his judges.

Recognizing that he had brought the young man into his personal vehicle, who was injured in the arm by an LBD shot and who managed to flee, Camara claims that he does not know him, at least he is unable to give an account. identity in court. As for the projectiles found at the front of the Clio, he was himself surprised and declared: “If I had seen the stones, I would have had time to throw them.»

Based on the statements of the police – in particular on the fact that the Clio was used on several occasions as a storage place for the rioters – the prosecutor Marie-Céline Lawrysz is convinced that “Mr. Camara was present from the beginning of the episodes of urban violence“. And his presence on the scene was nothing but a “caution morale“. For the magistrate, complicity in violence against a person holding public authority, “by help and assistance“, is fully characterized, reporting a “continuous stock of projectiles in Mr. Camara’s vehicle, a stock he could not ignore“. Finally, stating that “it was a first for the Compiègne prosecution to prosecute for complicity in violence on PDAP“, it requires against the defendant 1 year in prison, including 4 months probationary suspension for a period of 2 years. In addition, for refusing to comply, she is asking for an additional 2 months in prison, as well as a suspension of her driver’s license for a period of 2 years.

“We flout the rules of complicity”

For Camara’s lawyer, Me Teddy Orlandi, of the Paris Bar, “in this case, we totally flout the rules of complicity“. Pleading for the release of his client, he asserts:The law tells us, since 1897, that passive complicity is not reprehensible. Leaving your vehicle open is a passive act, it is not complicity. He cannot be complicit in violence for having left his doors open.” For the lawyer,we wanted to take a person to make an example. And Mr. Camara does not deserve to be this example».

After a brief deliberation, Souleymane Camara is released for refusing to comply but sentenced for complicity in violence. He received a 6-month prison sentence, the court also revoking a 6-month suspended prison sentence. It is therefore a year of detention that the young man will have to serve – but everything will be arranged in the form of a DDSE (Home Detention under Electronic Surveillance). Finally, he will have to pay 300 euros to each of the six police officers who filed a civil action.



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