Controversial advertising: the CAQ comes out of its silence

Controversial advertising: the CAQ comes out of its silence

“It was never the intention” of the CAQ “to take advantage of anyone,” assures the party. The director general spoke out on the issue in response to an open letter published in Le Devoir.

This letter was written by the daughter of a woman in her 80s who is taking part in a CAQ advertisement. The citizen would have received $250 for her participation. “I have worked in photography and copyright for almost twenty years and I have good reason to believe that this amount is ridiculous, because it is not a simplevox-pop(contrary to appearances), but indeed an advertisement, and this, despite the authenticity of the opinions expressed by my mother, ”wrote Chantal Landy in her letter to the Prime Minister.

The eldest would have been contacted by the party and would have moved to participate in the filming. “I understand that it is unethical to pay someone for their political opinions, but it is equally unethical to take advantage of an elderly woman with a modest income,” writes Ms. Landry.

Without notice

The CAQ admits to being “surprised and pained” by this letter, as Ms. Landry never tried to join the party before publishing it. “If the Lady shows any discomfort, we will find a solution that will be satisfactory for her and her family,” wrote the party’s general manager, Brigitte Legault.

The lady in question would have participated in a vox pop of the CAQ in 2018. She was then offered $ 100 as compensation. “No controversy or complaint of any kind arose at the time,” explains the CAQ.

“This year, our production team thought to reach out to her to find out what she was thinking four years later. Why she? Because she touched us in 2018, with her unusual verve, her expressiveness and her kindness, ”explains Ms. Legault.

“This time, after having accepted a new interview, she refused to be compensated, continues Ms. Legault. However, our production team insisted on paying him a symbolic amount of $250 for each video that would eventually be released. She finally accepted and will have received $500 in all. It was always clear that the interview would be used in advertising.”

The ad would have been paid for entirely by the CAQ, “without any connection with the government”.

Strong reactions

Opposition parties reacted fiercely to Chantal Landry’s open letter. “I am troubled by the attitude of François Legault, commented the leader of the liberal party, Dominique Anglade. We must unreservedly denounce this way of doing things by the CAQ. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the CAQ has circumvented the rules for partisan purposes.

The PQ candidate in Taschereau, Jeanne Robin, took advantage of the controversy to denounce the “premature wear and tear” of power at the CAQ.

“Advertising before the official campaign is arrogance. Taking advantage of a vulnerable citizen is callousness. Recycling a support from 2018 is laziness. These 4-year-olds have already used the CAQ. It is time to bring it back to earth,” she concludes.

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