COP 27: What are the challenges for Africa, which is bearing the brunt of climate change?

COP 27: What are the challenges for Africa, which is bearing the brunt of climate change?

Delphine Schiltz, edited by Ophélie Artaud

COP 27 opened today in Egypt and Emmanuel Macron will speak this Monday afternoon. The fact that the event takes place in Africa is not irrelevant: the effects of climate change are more difficult to cope with for the poorest countries. Actions that could be taken during this conference should therefore primarily be aimed at the African continent.

Emmanuel Macron will speak at COP27 this afternoon. 110 heads of state will be present at this world climate conference. Note Xi Jinping’s absence. However, his country, China, is the frontrunner when it comes to CO2 emissions. The fact that this year’s big Barnum takes place in Africa is not inconsiderable. The effects of global warming are more difficult for poor countries to cope with than for rich countries.

Compensation for vulnerable countries

This is one of the reasons why the first step is to create a loss and damage fund. This is one of the key themes of this COP 27. Specifically, vulnerable countries are demanding compensation for the damage they have already suffered. Drought, rising water, gigantic floods, as we experienced in Pakistan this summer. Second problem, another question of funding, exactly. The so-called industrialized countries in the countries of the south reach 100 billion per year for adaptation and transition projects. The pledge dates back to 2009, during the COP 15, and it has still not been implemented, missing 20 billion.

Third challenge: Efforts on greenhouse gas emissions, especially for rich countries that are the most polluters, need to be revised upwards. The current course, if we take on states’ commitments, is 2.4 degrees warming at best, while the goal since the Paris Accords is below +2 degrees and if possible below +1.5 degrees. Final focus, these negotiations must prioritize African countries. This continent is the most vulnerable to this global crisis.


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