Corsica: First meeting on Friday in Paris to discuss the future of the island

Corsica: First meeting on Friday in Paris to discuss the future of the island

On Friday Place Beauvau, Gérald Darmanin will receive a delegation of elected officials to discuss Corsica’s institutional, economic and social model, the first of a cycle of eight meetings “without taboos” dedicated to the future of the island of beauty. .

The interior minister, who pledged in March to discuss Corsica’s autonomy, had set up a strategic committee on the island’s future in July, four months after the fatal prison attack on convicted Corsican independence activist Yvan Colonna for the assassination of the prefect Erignac brought to life.

Discussions, starting at 10 am, will focus on Corsica’s “economic and social model” before, in the afternoon, addressing the various statutes of autonomy that already exist in the Mediterranean.

Gérald Darmanin already discussed this Thursday with Corse du Sud deputy Laurent Marcangeli, who will attend the meeting on Friday.

“#Corsica needs to think about its economic and social model with the state,” tweeted the man who resigned as mayor of Ajaccio after winning the general elections.

In a joint press release, Autonomist MPs Jean-Felix Acquaviva and Michel Castellani, Euro-Ecology MP François Alfonsi and Autonomist Senator Paulu-Santu Parigi regretted that “two acts of economic importance reveal a significant gap between the speeches and the will on the one hand and on the other hand acts with legislative and regulatory scope”.

Regarding the price of fuel, they regret that “the government rebate of 30 centimes negotiated with the Total group” creates a serious distortion of competition and helps to bring small and medium-sized independent groups in the territories, including the Ferrandi- Group in Corsica at risk of losing 150 jobs”.

Regarding “the application of the Corsican Investment Tax Credit (CIIC) extended until 2023”, they regret that the State has “significantly restricted” the possibility of obtaining it. “This new reading hits hard on the island hospitality industry, which is essentially family-centric,” they say.

They will “put these two files on the table as a priority tomorrow in Beauvau” and await “operational answers”.

This summer, Mr Darmanin had argued that during these consultations there would be “no taboo”, particularly in relation to a move towards autonomy, setting two red lines: a Corsica remaining “in the republic” and no ” two types of Corsica” creates citizens” on the island.

The consultation cycle must last over a year, with one meeting every six weeks.

The second meeting will be dedicated to “financial speculation, urban planning and housing” and the third, scheduled “before the end of 2022”, “to the Corsican language and culture”, announced Mr. Darmanin.

For each topic, it is planned to list the different statutes in force in the neighboring countries and to highlight the possible “developments” for the statute of Corsica.


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