COVID-19: the campaign for the booster dose begins on August 15

COVID-19: the campaign for the booster dose begins on August 15

From August 15, a new dose of COVID-19 vaccine will be available for people in CHSLD, those who live in RPA, and all vulnerable people living in a collective environment, announced Dr. Boileau, director of Public Health of Quebec, on Thursday.

“It will not be required to make an appointment this time, the teams will move to these places to offer vaccination,” he added.

“We expect an increase in contacts with the start of the school year. It corresponds to cooler, autumnal periods, people are more in contact,” explained the Director of Public Health.

An opinion recently issued by the Quebec Immunization Committee recommends that this new dose be made gradually, following the prioritization it had set. In addition, the committee concludes that the decision to vaccinate a child under 5 years of age rests with the parents.

As for the arrival of bivalent vaccines, more effective against variants and sub-variants of COVID-19, “we don’t have clear signals,” said Dr. Boileau. He insists that it is still important to get your booster dose “to be protected against severe forms of the disease”.

The peak of the 7th wave has passed

This new vaccination campaign will target, in particular, the elderly and the immunocompromised. Public Health indeed expects to see an increase in cases “in the coming weeks, especially during the autumn”.

Before talking about the next wave and vaccination, the Director of Public Health wanted to share “good news”.

“The indicators demonstrate an improvement in the situation in almost all parameters. It doesn’t mean that the wave is over, it doesn’t mean that the virus is circulating more, we still have cases, but less,” he tempered.

The latest figures from the public health of Quebec show 18 new deaths related to COVID-19, and a decrease of 10 hospitalizations across the province. This brings the mark of 16,010 people who have died since the beginning of the pandemic. The majority of them are people aged 60 and over.

In detail, 1,389 new COVID-19 cases have been registered across the province, according to the government’s assessment. 5,049 healthcare workers are also absent for reasons related to COVID-19. Recall that the number of cases listed is not representative of the current situation, since access to testing centers is reserved for priority clientele.

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