Creil. The return of motherhood more than ever possible

Creil. The return of motherhood more than ever possible

The Amiens administrative court canceled the Creil maternity transfer order for Senlis on Thursday July 7, 2022. Oise Hebdo archive photo.

The administrative court annuls the decree of transfer of the maternity from Creil to Senlis. Well, just that. In fact, the administrative court went further than the public rapporteur suggested during the hearing last May. For the record, seized by the elected officials, the administrative court found the decree which led to the merger of the maternity wards of Creil and Senlis to be non-compliant.

Suffice to say that this is a serious snub for the regional health agency which in its time did not want to hear the slightest complaint from the elected officials of Grand Creillois. The latter had also been particularly shocked by the imposed decisions of the ARS, which had resulted in the closure of the Creil maternity hospital, a maternity hospital, let us recall, located in the heart of an area presenting economic difficulties. and social.

“A fair return of things”

For the TA, the merger order did not take into account the regional health scheme. The regional health agency must review its copy and propose new solutions. Suffice to say that from now on, it will be imperative to do with the elected representatives of Greater Creillois… And hear future proposals.

It’s a great victory but ultimately a fair return. How to have admitted the departure of such a service in a population pool of nearly 90,000 people“, note with force those who fought tooth and nail to maintain the service in Creil.

This decision should allow us all to go back around the table and to impose on the steering committee that representatives of the surveillance committee of the Groupe Hospitalier Public du Sud de l’Oise (GHPSO), elected officials from Greater Creillois be included in decision making. It is a great satisfaction to have finally been heard and that justice has lent an attentive ear.», explains Jean-Claude Villemain, mayor of Creil and president of the Creil Sud Oise agglomeration.

No calendar yet

At the mention of this decision, the first magistrate of the city of Creil could not help but have a thought for the one who fought until the last day for the return of maternity, he this is of course the obstetrician, Paul Cesbron.

The subject of motherhood is therefore far from being buried. Obviously, there is no question of the calendar yet, but the return of maternity is no longer a vague mirage since Thursday July 7, but rather a concrete possibility.

The elected officials of Grand Creillois are also campaigning for the maintenance of a maternity hospital in Senlis. In the end, these are two services that could be offered to the population if the reopening of the Creil maternity hospital were to be announced in the near future.


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