Crillon. A garage fire spreads to the dry grass pasture

Crillon. A garage fire spreads to the dry grass pasture

The fire that occurred on Monday August 1 in Crillon (Oise) started in a garage and spread to a pasture. – Photo: ICR60 / Facebook.

It is almost 10 p.m. on Monday August 1 when the firefighters of Songeons are called for a fire. The fire broke out in a private garage, route de Gisors, in Crillon, northwest of Beauvais. When the firefighters intervened, the disaster began to spread. First to a cedar hedge, then to a dry grass pasture.

Three spears engaged

To put an end to the fire, the firefighters mobilized used three lances with variable flow. Significant resources were mobilized with staff coming from Beauvais, La Chapelle-aux-Pots, Songeons, Tillé and Crèvecœur-le-Grand. The gendarmerie and Enedis services were also on the scene.


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