Croatian president opposes training of Ukrainian troops

Croatian president opposes training of Ukrainian troops

Croatian President Zoran Milanović said on Tuesday (18 October) that he would block plans to train Ukrainian soldiers because it ” draw Croatia into the war more than necessary».

«As Commander-in-Chief, I will not condone that Milanović told reporters after attending a ceremony at Zagreb .

«I don’t support this idea because I don’t want Croatia to get involved in this war any more than necessary. We show fairness and solidarity, and that’s it.»

Speaking about military donations to Ukraine, Mr Milanović stated: “whatever we want to give is up to the government and I have no say in it. I will only support this if we get a replacement. I will not support depriving the Croatian defense of any essential elements».

Mr Milanović raised eyebrows in the international community back in May when he said he would block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO – a threat he never carried out. He was also wary of sanctions against Russia, saying they “don’t really work».

«The training of combat troops for a war in a third country must be approved by me. There are limits of common sense and national security. Those who support this idea [de formation] should fight in Ukraine if they are that brave“, he concluded.


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