Czech lawmaker calls Russian regime ‘terrorist’

Czech lawmaker calls Russian regime ‘terrorist’

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House of the Czech Parliament on Thursday (November 3) ruled that the current Russian regime a “Terrorist”after passing resolutions condemning Russia’s large-scale attacks on civilians and critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

Following in the footsteps of lawmakers in the Baltic countries and Poland, two committees of the lower house of the Czech parliament have issued very virulent resolutions against Moscow.

In the resolution, the commission condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and refuses to recognize the referendums on the annexation of the four Ukrainian regions to Russia.

“The bombings and the use of military units in the area of ​​​​the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant pose a threat to the civilian population, and not only on the territory of Ukraine”said the deputies.

“The direct or indirect threats to use nuclear weapons, as well as the false and unfounded allegations against Ukraine that it is busy planning the use of weapons of mass destruction, represent a dangerous escalation of tensions and a threat to European security.”They continued.

The Commission also supported the efforts of Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský from the Pirate Party (pirate party) aimed at the establishment of a special tribunal to try war crimes committed in Ukraine and an investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) that would lead to the prosecution of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

A similar resolution was passed by the House of Commons Security Committee on Thursday morning. The main opponents of both resolutions were MPs from the nationalist party Freedom and Direct Democracy (freedom and direct democracySPD), which has long sympathized with the Kremlin and opposed EU arms deliveries to Kyiv.

In October, the Estonian Parliament passed a resolution condemning Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian regions and calling on the Russian regime to a “Terrorist”. At the end of October, the Polish parliament passed a similar resolution. Lithuania and Latvia have also taken steps in this direction.

Within the European institutions, a similar resolution was adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

The Czech MPs’ proposal comes at a time when a review of relations with the Russian Federation is being discussed at Czech and EU level.


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