Dacia overtakes Renault for the first time in Europe

Dacia overtakes Renault for the first time in Europe

Dacia outsells Renault in Europe, a historic first! Nice revenge for the low-cost brand that launched its first Logan eighteen years ago. The Romanian Renault subsidiary registered 36,500 new cars in the old continent (including the UK) in August, up from 28,400 just for the diamond company itself, according to ACEA (Association of Manufacturers) statistics released late last week. Dacia is up 16.8% while Renault is down…23%. Dacia generated 56% of the French group’s sales last month. The Boulogne-Billancourt manufacturer is a victim of the success of its low-cost subsidiary, but also of a worrying public dissatisfaction with the Renault brand! Dacia is not content with overtaking Renault. The label also overtook Citroën (27,800 units) and Fiat (25,200) last month. With this, the first French brand is approaching Peugeot (40,200).

Cumulatively over eight months, the Renault brand still has a (small) lead. But the Pitesti company comes dangerously close (306,600 registrations against 362,300 Renault). And Dacia is undoubtedly stronger than Citroën (256,200). Over eight months, Dacia represents 46% of the French group’s total sales. And the manufacturer can even boast of being the cross-brand growth champion in Europe. The Romanian company has actually increased its new registrations by 17.3%, still according to ACEA (Association of Manufacturers). And this in a market in constant decline (-12.2%).

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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