Darmanin underlines the points of “agreement” with LR, Larcher the “real differences”

Darmanin underlines the points of “agreement” with LR, Larcher the “real differences”

The presidential majority is “agree on the essentials” with the LR deputies, said Minister Gérald Darmanin, ex-LR, on Tuesday, the LR president of the Senate Gérard Larcher pointing on the contrary to “real differences”.

“Clearly the group least distant from us, even the relative majority, is the LR group”, estimated Mr. Darmanin on RTL while the macronists are looking for support in the Assembly for lack of an absolute majority in the result of the legislative.

“On the essentials we agree: we agree on security, we agree on public finances and the economy, we agree on the purchasing power of our fellow citizens, for that there are tax cuts. It’s already not so bad”, he listed.

By way of example, Gérald Darmanin cited his proposal, provided for in the future orientation and programming law of the Ministry of the Interior (Lopmi), “to expel or withdraw the residence permits of any foreigner guilty of “a crime or a misdemeanor” and that of the anti-breakers law defended by the leader of the senators LR Bruno Retailleau.

Asked about these remarks, Gérard Larcher on the contrary argued on LCI “real differences”: “for example our conception of public spending” and “the vision of governance” of the country, in particular “decentralization”.

“We have a clear line of opposition”, but “responsible, which must be attentive to the interests of the country”, which “does not prevent us from joining on a certain number of texts”, he added, reiterating the position defined by LR the day after the legislative elections.

“We do not choose the path of blockages, which means that text by text, we must find together a new method to imagine the relations between the executive and the parliament”, he added.

In this “cultural revolution”, he wanted the parliament to be informed by the executive of the content of the texts to come “even before the submission to the Council of Ministers”.

But “neither government pact nor coalition” and there is “no question” of seeing an LR in government, he insisted.

The position defined by LR in the face of the majority is contested by the former minister Jean-François Copé, in favor of a “government pact”, or Catherine Vautrin, who said “why not” to the idea of ​​”grand coalition proposed by former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, whose Horizons party is a majority member.

The mayor (ex-LR) of Nice Christian Estrosi also called with right-wing and center elected officials in a forum for “compromise without compromise” with the presidential majority.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne continued her negotiations on Tuesday with the presidents of groups in the Assembly.


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