Darmanin wants to enable immigrant workers to apply for regularization themselves

Darmanin wants to enable immigrant workers to apply for regularization themselves

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin on Tuesday proposed changing the law to allow migrant workers to apply for their own regularization, while also acknowledging at a parliamentary hearing the “administrative absurdity” that this hand of foreign labor faces.

“I don’t think it’s normal that only the employer can request the legalization of the person who works for him,” said Gérald Darmanin, heard by the National Assembly’s Legal Commission before which he presented his roadmap on security and migration issues.

“It’s a balance of power that isn’t positive for the worker. If we change the law, that’s a good thing,” he added, while a bill on asylum and immigration is due to be tabled in January.

Trade unions and immigration advocates have long called for a reform of regularization procedures so that employers are not the only ones who can submit these files, creating a relationship of dependency and subordination between the worker and his or her manager.

The Interior Minister remarked before the Legal Commission that “certain employers pay little attention to the immigrant staff they employ”.

“We must (…) improve the integration of people who work on the soil of the republic and who are subject to the administrative absurdity of the administration of the Ministry of the Interior,” he said, also with recognition.

Gérald Darmanin, however, dismissed the possibility of “collective regularization” and preferred the case-by-case study of “individual regularizations”.

“My line that I take in the (upcoming) immigration text is that we deal harshly with people who are (offending) aliens and that we can legalize and help those who want to work and respect the laws of the Republic,” said he said.

Announcing that a bill on asylum and immigration would be tabled in early 2023, President Emmanuel Macron last week said he wanted to put an end to “absurd policies” that he found both “ineffective and inhumane”.

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