Death of Elizabeth II: A few hours after the funeral of the century, final adjustments

Death of Elizabeth II: A few hours after the funeral of the century, final adjustments

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6:40 p.m. September 18, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be held in London this Monday. Almost 500 executives made their way to this occasion. Including Joe Biden or Emmanuel Macron. The organizers are preparing everything in the streets of the city to accommodate the expected million people in the best possible way.

The funeral of the century. It’s a term increasingly used by the media and government given the size of the event. Almost 2,000 guests are expected to attend the ceremony this Monday. Tens of thousands of people will attend the funeral on the streets of London, including outside Westminster Abbey, where the Queen was crowned 69 years ago.

And when hundreds of heads of state are expected in London in the next few hours, Joe Biden, the American President, but also Emmanuel Macron have already arrived in the British capital. With a beaming smile and a pair of sunglasses on his nose, the President arrived at Westminster Hall this Sunday afternoon with Brigitte Macron on his arm. The couple stopped short of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin.

XXL safety device

Like Emmanuel Macron, more than 500 leaders will arrive overnight. An exceptional device is in place to ensure their safety. Almost 10,000 police officers and 1,500 British military police are deployed. Snipers are even said to be posted on the roof. That’s how it was on Monday in Edinburgh at the coffin procession.

This is the largest operation ever carried out by British police, according to Simon Morgan, a former officer in charge of protecting the royal family.

Last adjustments

Before Westminster, security prepares the final adjustments. More than a million people are expected on the streets of the capital on Monday. Some even wait with tents to be sure to be in the front row.

And on the Hyde Park side where the funeral will be broadcast, everything is almost ready too. The huge screens are mounted, the last connections done. In a few hours more than 100,000 will be in this large city center square to attend the funeral and say goodbye to the one who ruled the UK for 70 years.


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