Death of Elizabeth II: “God save the King” resounds at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London

Death of Elizabeth II: “God save the King” resounds at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London

Anaïs Cordoba

A mass was held at Saint Paul’s Cathedral the day after Queen Elizabeth II’s death. An emotionally charged ceremony attended by 2,000 Londoners after hours of waiting in line. Prime Minister Liz Truss spoke as the new anthem sounded.

The anthem God save the King sounded for the first time: This Friday evening, Saint Paul’s Cathedral was shaken by the national anthem. An anthem that has not been sung for 70 years – at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s enthronement on the British throne. Before her, it was her father, George VI, who sat on the throne. Today King Charles III. his successor.

The new anthem was played at the end of Mass as a tribute to the Queen, the first time it has been played officially since the reign of Elizabeth II. A total of 2,000 Londoners were able to attend the ceremony after hours of queuing, where Prime Minister Liz Truss took the floor to offer religious excerpts to read.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral, a place steeped in history

The sounds of the bagpipes and the singing of the choir punctuated the service. A poignant moment in the history of the Queen and the British people, because of her disappearance which shook the country but also because she was very devout.

Something that will make history once again: Saint Paul’s Cathedral has hosted many ceremonies, including the wedding of Charles and Diana on July 29, 1981.


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