Death of the daughter of a Russian ideologue: Moscow accuses kyiv, Putin denounces “a despicable crime”

Death of the daughter of a Russian ideologue: Moscow accuses kyiv, Putin denounces “a despicable crime”

Tensions after the death of the daughter of a reputed ideologist close to the Kremlin continue. The Russian security services (FSB) on Monday (August 22) accused Ukrainian “special services” of having killed the young woman, who died in the explosion of her car near Moscow, Russian news agencies reported. “A despicable, cruel crime prematurely ended the life of Daria Dugina, a brilliant and talented person with a truly Russian heart,” President Vladimir Putin said in a condolence message released by the Kremlin and addressed to relatives of the young woman killed on Saturday.

Daria Dougina was killed on Saturday evening in the explosion of the vehicle she was driving on a road near the village of Bolchiye Viaziomy, about forty kilometers from Moscow. Journalist and political scientist born in 1992, she was the daughter of Alexander Dougin, an ultra-nationalist ideologist and writer promoting an expansionist doctrine and fierce supporter of the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

“The murder was prepared and committed by Ukrainian special services”

“The murder was prepared and committed by Ukrainian special services,” the FSB said in a statement quoted by Russian agencies. According to the same source, the car driven by Daria Douguina was trapped by a woman of Ukrainian nationality born in 1979, identified by the FSB as Natalia Vovk, who arrived in Russia in July with her minor daughter, born in 2010.

Still according to the FSB, this person had notably rented an apartment in the building where Douguina lived and she had gone to a cultural festival on Saturday where the journalist and political scientist was also present. According to the FSB, this Ukrainian woman then fled to Estonia with her daughter.

Ukraine denies

Questioned on Saturday by Russian media believing that the target of the attack was in fact Alexander Dougin, Ukraine had denied Sunday any involvement in the death of Dougina. “Ukraine certainly had nothing to do with the explosion (on Saturday), because we are not a criminal state,” said an adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, Mikhaïlo Podoliak.

Promoter of “Eurasism”, a doctrine advocating an alliance between Europe and Asia under Russian leadership, Alexandre Douguine, who influences part of the French far right, has been targeted since 2014 by EU sanctions taken in the wake of the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula by Russia. In recent years, Ukraine has banned several of his books, including “Ukraine. My War. Geopolitical Diary” and “Eurasian Revenge of Russia.” Alexander Dougin, nicknamed by some media “the brain of Putin”, is sometimes presented as being close to the Russian president. But many observers relativize his supposed influence in the Kremlin.

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