Digital sobriety: why is it so complex?

Digital sobriety: why is it so complex?

According to a joint study by Ademe and Arcep, digitalization now accounts for 3 to 4% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and around 3% of France‘s total carbon footprint. Its presence at national level could increase in the coming years. However, accurately quantifying environmental impacts and solutions to reduce them remains a very complex endeavor.

The manufacture of computers, smartphones and online TVs, more than their use

Digital can be divided into three interdependent blocks: end devices (computers, smartphones, televisions), networks and data centers. Devices account for the largest portion (79%) of the carbon footprint, compared to data centers (16%) and telecom networks (5%). 78% of the digital carbon footprint is attributed to the manufacturing phase of the devices, compared to 21% to the usage phase. The environmental impacts of digital technology also include the depletion of fossil and natural abiotic resources (minerals and metals), ionizing radiation and even water consumption.


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