Edouard Courtial, President LR Oise, placed under guardianship, cries out against injustice

Edouard Courtial, President LR Oise, placed under guardianship, cries out against injustice

Edouard Courtial does not mince his words.

Senator LR from Oise and president of the Republicans of Oise, Edouard Courtial has just reacted to the “trusteeship” of his federation. He protests his good record of service and contests the sanction taken by the national following the explosion “puzzle way” of LR Oise.

It must be recognized that the governing bodies of the LR party in the Oise have pushed the cork a little far.

President Woerth has gone over to the enemy.

Manoëlle Martin, Eric Woerth’s parliamentary attaché, asked for the LR nomination to run against him. Then, she asked, with the support of Edouard Courtial, for a period of reflection to end up saying that she was no longer a candidate against Eric Woerth, but with Eric Woerth.
While, for his part, Edouard Courtial publicly announced his support for the two En Marche candidates – Eric Woerth in the fourth constituency and Carole Bureau-Bonnard in the sixth constituency – in the second round of legislative elections in the Oise.
It is understandable that the national authorities had the impression of having been rolled in flour.

Courtial recalls his service record

Not at all, takes offense at Edouard Courtial. “This is a brutal decision“, He wrote in a letter to LR activists in Oise.
He recalls (with a certain nerve) that he did not join President Emmanuel Macron when the press suggested that he was going to take the plunge. As if to congratulate him for staying at the LR!
Then he recalls his service record:

  • in 2002 he took the constituency of Clermont on the left
  • in 2015, he won the departmental council “where no one was waiting for us»
  • in 2017, he won the senatorial

Is this what is at the origin of this decision which is akin to a scheme?“Asks Edouard Courtial who cannot help noting that the decisions of the national are contradictory. “I also note that the current President (of the department) is not subject to any sanction even though she publicly supported a dissident candidate from our family in the second constituency“, referring to the support of Nadège Lefebvre for Ludovic Castanié against Agnès Thill, UDI, outgoing deputy, who had the LR nomination.


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