Elections in Italy: in Rome, immigrants divided by Giorgia Meloni’s victory

Elections in Italy: in Rome, immigrants divided by Giorgia Meloni’s victory

Antonino Galofaro, Frédéric Michel, edited by Yanis Darras
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11:06 a.m. September 28, 2022

Following the victory of the right-wing alliance in Italy, including the far-right party Fratelli d’Italia, immigrants present in the country are wondering about their place in Italian society in the future. While many believe nothing will change, concerns linger on the streets of Rome.

And what will happen after Giorgia Meloni’s very likely win? This is the question asked by the five and a half million immigrants living in Italy. In Rome, Roni sells flowers at a market in the center of the capital. He came from Bangladesh in 2013 and is not afraid of the “Bella Signora Meloni”, as he likes to call her. “I don’t think the way Italians look is changing at all. It’s not a problem if you have a good reputation, if you have a job, if you respect the law. I hope everything will be fine for everyone. World, for Italians and also for foreigners”, he explains at the microphone of Europe 1.

“I hope people don’t get it mixed up”

A little further on, in a luxury building in the capital, the residence’s caretaker, who hails from Sri Lanka and gained Italian citizenship after 20 years in the country, is a little more concerned. “I hope people don’t confuse that. I’ve been working here for a long time and I see that there are fundamentally bad people who sometimes really scare me. And you’re like, ‘Why are they acting like this?’”

To care

Valeria, who voted this Sunday hoping many Italians would do it if she caps the right-wing score, fears an increase in racist acts in her country. “People will do something to the immigrants because there will be Giorgia Meloni, so they will feel that there will be no punishment. That’s my fear,” she admits, even if that sentiment lingers on the streets of Rome for the time being, in the minority.

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